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Lanka Kade

Lanka Kade Deluxe Farm Set With Natural Characters

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Wow, this is our largest farm toy playset made from eco-friendly wood materials yet. Let your little one's imagination run wild moving all of the 34 chunky accessories around the farm, which includes a variety of animals, a tractor, and a two-story farm building.

Feed the chickens and pigs, herd the sheep, milk the cows, match the baby animals with their parents, and set up a jump set for the horses - with so many ways to play, children will love this deluxe farm barn set.

We love this set so much that we can even envisage it being treasured for years to come, or even past through generations making it the perfect gift for when a child is young.



Item details:

  • Includes 34 individual pieces, a tractor, and a two-story barn (310mm high) building with a removable roof and ladder.
  • Animals/equipment included: 1 piglet, 1 pig, 1 dog, 1 calf, 1 cow, 1 bull, 1 sheep, 1 ram, 1 horse, 1 goose, 1 goat, 1 donkey, 1 tractor, 1 trio of ducklings, 1 female duck, 1 male duck, 1 turkey, 1 cockerel, 1 farm woman, 1 farm man, 3 hens, 2 gates, 6 fences, 1 large trough, 2 hedges, and 1 tree
  • Made from eco-friendly wood materials and pieces are 25mm thick
  • This product is supplied in an informative box (an easy shape to wrap if a gift!


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